Alicia’s wisps of hair are rigged with spline joint chains controlled by nHairs, following a method described by Kirian Richie in The Art of Rigging. I gave Alicia two hair rigs, controlled by a blendshape switch. One rig is dynamic, the other is simple keyable joints. The neat thing about the blendshape switch is that the animator can easily change, from frame to frame, from one rig to the other. Also, the animator can dial in both rigs at once, so that the animation is, for example, 75% controlled by dynamics, and 25% controlled by keyframed joints.

Elyn’s hair rig is also a dynamic rig with spline chains of joints controlled by hair curves.
I did not rig Elyn’s body and face, and came to this production when almost all the animation was already complete. The dynamic hair rig gives the character a little bit of extra life and movement.